Resume KSI Pertemuan 2

18 09 2012

An Introduction of Information System

(Pengenalan Sistem Informasi)



Information System (Sistem Informasi)

A set of sub-system that collects, manipulate, declare data and information to produce feedback to meet objectives (Sekumpulan sub-sistem yang mengkoleksi, memanipulasi/mengolah, menjabarkan/menyajikan data dan informasi untuk mendapatkan umpan balik atau kesimpulan untuk mencapai tujuan yang ditetapkan)

Example of Information Systems (Contoh Sistem Informasi):

-ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)

-Airline Reservation System

-Online Course Reservation System

Information Concepts

Information is the most valuable recource inside of organizations

(Data adalah sumber daya terpenting dalam suatu organisasi)

Information is not Data

(Informasi bukan lah Data)

Data, Information, and Knowledge

Data: Raw facts (Sumber daya yang belum terbukti kebenarannya)

Information: Collection of Facts that Proven and Usefull

Knowledge: Understanding a sets of Informations to make support to make right decision.

Characteristic of Valuable Informations






-Complete and Detail

-Cost Effective called Cheap





-Timely or Periodically

Value of Information (Kegunaan Informasi)

To help decision makers to achieve their organization goals

(Untuk membantu para pembuat keputusan / pemimpin perusahaan dalam mengambil keputusan untuk mencapai tujuan perusahaan)

System Concepts (Konsep Sistem)

System, A sets of sub-system that worked together to achieve their organization goals.

System Components (Komponen-komponen dalam Sistem)

-Input(Masukan ‘Data~Informasi’)

-Processing(Pengolahan ‘Data~Informasi’)

-Output(Hasil dari pengolahan)

-Feedback(Timbal-balik terhadap hasil akhir untuk pengembangan)

System Performance and Standards

Efficiency: Measured of what is produced divided by what is consumed

(Diukur dari apa yang diproduksi dengan yang di konsumsi)

Effectiveness: Extent to which system attains its goals

System Performance Standard: A specific objective of system

Input, Processing, Output, Feedback

Input: Activity to collect required informations that used on process step

Process: The main activity that convert/transform many input/data to produce useful informations and other

Output: The result after process step that produce useful informations and many

Feedback: Sub-Information that used to improve or maintain current or other outputs


NIM: 12410100038





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