Resume Konsep Sistem Informasi Pertemuan 3

1 10 2012

Resume Konsep Sistem Informasi Pertemuan 3

Each level of managements has required different information by each other,

Each direction from the mind-map above will be explained below,
Strategic Management                  :

-Develop any goals, strategics, corporation wisdom and organization targets.

-Marked as strategic planning process.

Tactical Management                     :

-Manager and Professional has worked for it self.

-Create short term plan or middle term, create schedules and more.

-Decide procedures for each sub unit in their corporation.

Operational Management           :

-Low Manager and Any Professional worked for it self.

-Do the procedures to reach the goals.

Quality of Information

  • The product of information that has characteristics, attributes or quality that makes information more useful.
  • Information has 3 dimensions:

– Time

– Content

– Form

Attributes of Information Quality

  • By Time

– Timeliness

– Frequency

– Time Period

  • By Content

– Accuracy (Accurate)

– Relevance (Relevant)

– Completeness (Complete)

– Conciseness (Meaningful)

– Scope

– Performance

  • By Form

– Presentation

– Media

Decision Structure

  • Structured, where procedural of decision making is important.
  • Unstructured, where impossibility to choose procedural of decision making.
  • Semi-Structured, where procedural of decision making can’t  produce recommended decision.


Information Systems to Support Decisions

Difference  MIS DSS
Decision Support Provided Information about Performance Information and Techniques to analyze specific problems
Information form and frequency Periodic, exception, demand, and push reports and responses Interactive inquiries and responses
Information format Pre-specified, fixed format Ad hoc, flexible, and adaptable format
Information processing methodology Information produced by extracting and manipulation of business data Information produced by analitycal modeling of business data

Decision Support Trends

– Proactive on personalization decision analytics.

– Web-Based Applications.

– Decision produced under management, team, and personals.

– Business Intelligence Applications.

Business Intelligence Applications

– DSS (Decision Support Systems).

– MIS (Management Information Systems).

– KMS (Knowledge Management Systems).

– OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

– Data Mining.


DSS, Produce interactive support information for manager and professional.

GIS, DSS that used geographic database.

DVS, DSS that used interactive graphic to show collaboration of data (complex).

MIS, Produce information that support decision making everyday for manager & business professional

OLAP, Allow manager to investigate & manipulate the available data.

Data Mining, Produce decision support and search trends & correlations inside of data.

EIS, Combination of DSS and MIS to provide information and easy access for Top Executives.

EIP, Combination of DSS, MIS and EIS with other technology to gain easy access and more.




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